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Morning Fog

Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go.

                              E.L. Doctorow

NEW BOOK cover(1).jpg

I had some readers tell me they thought the ending of DROWNING opened the door to a sequel.  That was never my intention, but as time went on the notion began to grow on me. It took a while, but eventually an intriguing story idea took shape. Now, months later, voila: Body of Lies—the story of Lauren Jameson's dogged but ultimately futile struggle for redemption. First draft manuscript is finished, editing starts in February, hitting-the-shelves date should be early April. Til then . . .

Drowning Couple cover.jpg

A hasty, ill-considered decision in mid-ocean forces an adulterous couple into a lethal cul-de-sac.


Not a book about bikers; a story about a complex relationship

between father and son

GIRL_Cover copy.jpg

Lifted a plot element from this book to help one character

do away with another in DROWNING

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